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Refrigerated ventilated tables - GN 3100 BT

Refrigerated ventilated tables - GN 3100 BT


Hot, Cold (C°) 1000
Size (cm) 5000m2
Refrigerated ventilated tables - GN 3100 BT

AISI 304 stainless steel structure. Ventilated refrigeration. Incorporated group removable for easy maintenance. Circular trend of cold air so as not to directly touch the product. Electronic temperature control with digital thermostat. Electric heater around the door frame to eliminate condensation. Automatic defrost with electric heater and automatic control of the defrost temperature. Automatic evaporation of condensation water. Anti-corrosion treated evaporator. Door with return spring. Removable door seal without tools. Bottom with rounded corners. Easy interchangeability of doors with drawers with two and three drawers. Drawers with telescopic guides in totally extractable stainless steel. Steel feet Stainless steel Aisi 304 adjustable in height. Back in stainless steel, possibility to lean against the wall.

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