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Minirotore E 50x70 - Cella

Minirotore E 50x70 - Cella

Sized for 50x70 TROLLEYS
- power supply
- available in 1 or 2 door versions
- available in 2 or 4 trolley versions

The cell is supplied complete with:
»Door in stainless steel
»Ventilation unit for the flow of hot and humid air inside the cell
»Automatic heating and humidification systems
»20/10 stainless steel base
»External paneling in self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene covered with two pre-painted sheet metal sheets

 It is possible to combine the cell with the following ovens:
- Top-minifalcon 50x70
- Minirotorfan 50x70
- Minirotor E 50x70

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